Dallas Observer

“Because not all chicken-fried fans can tolerate wheat, Company Cafe gives you your holiday fix, gluten free. Even if you’re not allergic there’s a good reason to come here. The sides are made with a little more restraint than your typical restaurant. The potatoes here aren’t loaded up with butter and the other vegetables retain their vibrancy. You could almost argue this stuff is good for you.”

The Dallas Morning News

“My favorite dish hands-down was the gluten-free chicken and waffles. I finally ‘got’ what a fab combination this can be, and frankly, you would never know the tender-crisp Belgian waffles and crunchy breading on the chicken were gluten-free unless someone told you.”

Pegasus News

“Sometimes you come across a new restaurant in your neighborhood that you are ecstatic to discover. You almost don’t want to talk about it for fear of not finding a table the next time. That’s our feeling about Company Cafe.”


“Soft-open on Lower G-ville, Company’s healthy comfort food runs from breakfasts like cage-free omelettes w/ various farm-fresh cheeses & meat options like Thunderheart Ranch Buffalo; to dinners including gluten-free chicken & waffles stuffed with bacon & jalapeno, and a cauliflower-mash-abetted grass-fed sirloin in red-wine shallot sauce, Shalit sauce being far too difficult to get out of your comically oversized moustache.”


“Sit down.”
“Take a deep breath.”
“All right, here it is: chicken and waffles stuffed with bacon and jalapeños. And they’re good for you. Well, kind of…”